Q: What the f* is an aglet?
A: An aglet is an industry term for the caps put on the of shoelaces. As Google puts it "a metal or plastic tube fixed tightly around each end of a shoelace." If you're really interested in finding out more (... weird) you can check out wikipedia.

Q: What length laces to I get for my boots?
A: It depends not only the type and size of boot/shoe you have but the style you're trying to achieve. Typical rule of thumb for this is counting the pairs of eyelets (holes that the laces pass through) on your boot or shoe, but if you're trying to achieve a specific style (wrap around at the ankle or more slack when you tie them) you may want to get longer laces. For more help on this, check out our Size Guide.
Q: Why Flat Waxed Cotton laces?
A: To break that down, Flat laces are ideal for those who spend a lot of time moving around (aka walking) in their boots or shoes. They apply pressure evenly on when tied making for a more comfortable fit. If your planning on being active in your boots like we are, we absolutely recommend flat laces. Waxed cotton is for the same reason you wax a jacket, water resistance. It also helps to hold the knot better when you tie them.
Q: What colors and sizes are available?
A: At launch we’re starting with (4) colors and (4) lace sizes. The two longer sizes (80” and 64”) will be available in all colors. The two shorter sizes (48” & 36”) will come in Black and Brown. The 36" is also available in a round variant.
Q: Will more colors and sizes become available?
A: Absolutely. We’re launching with core colors and sizes, but over time will be adding more options such as 24” (60cm), more colors and round laces.  If there’s anything specific you’re looking forward to give us a shout on Instagram or Facebook!

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